Hi, I’m Seyna Fredrickson – a lifelong artist, a sculptor for many years, but with my move to Western North Carolina I changed my medium.   This beautiful climate makes me want to wander outside with my camera, and celebrate the light and colors and nature that surrounds me. Now I paint – luscious silk scarves, silk paintings, and watercolors, to capture the beauty I see.

Ever since I was a child, I liked to look deeply, to see beneath the surface where possible, to see the hidden beauty. I call it “seeing with heart”. It was very helpful when I did sculpted portraits; it certainly helped me to capture personality when I made dolls. Now I look deeply at flowers and plants, birds and wildlife, even the tiniest native orchids, to learn what I can. My flower paintings are portraits, reflecting what I learn when I am “seeing with heart”.

I live in Etowah, NC with my husband Paul, and three rescue dogs – Deva, Duke and Queenie.

Paul 🙂
Our three pups, waiting for a treat!