Garden Jubilee May 26, 2019

A hot and windy day at the Hendersonville Garden Jubilee

The Hendersonville Garden Jubilee was my second Fair, and I learned valuable lessons. We had some wonderful visitors who braved the 90 degree weather, made some sales, and collected email listings from many interested attendees. I had a drawing – one lucky visitor who gave her email listing won a free scarf in a drawing at the end of the event! In fact, she didn’t find what she was looking for among the assortment on my site, so I am making a custom butterfly piece for her.

The lesson: I’m not convinced that a fair that isn’t really devoted to art is the right setting for me. Most of the many attendees were dragging carts for the plants and plant-related accessories they planned to buy. Given the heat, many didn’t linger to see what else was happening. Would it be different in cooler weather? Maybe. Time will tell!

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